Congratulations! You’ve successfully reached the end of our »The Visions of Youth Work« users guide.

On your way here, through series of lectures, tips, tasks, examples and resources, you’ve learned and got empowered to:

  • Set stronger foundation of your organization – create inspirational and functional mission, vision, and values of your organization;
  • Use business methodology CANVAS to develop communication strategy of your organization;
  • Target more precisely your audience;
  • Create a unique value proposition for your target group;
  • Pitch your ideas;
  • Create your own style of communication;
  • Become a storyteller which inspires;
  • Breath a life into your content by visualization;
  • Use power of digital analytics and content creating tools;

Now, you are ready to create modern communication strategy which will make youth to join your cause. Thank you for using this guide. We wish you a good luck!

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