This online tool is made to help organizations like yours to grow by using and benefiting of the business sector experience in the field of communication and digital marketing.

Have you seen a great digital campaign for some product and wondered how they did it? How do they reach so many people and how do they become recognizable among them? Have you ever wondered if it is all about money or you may be able to do it yourself, if someone showed you how?

We want to offer you exactly that. To get the insight, to use business based models (CANVAS) to improve your work in the field of communication with your target group. We want to offer this expertise to you for free and help you motivate young people to become your fans instead of your followers, and join your call for actions.

We can help you achieve this through experiencing new power of visualization and set up of modern digital strategies. With the knowledge we would like to share with you, messages and goals of your organization can “hit the target”. Vision can be transformed from a paragraph to your “loadstar”.

We believe that only together we can reach our goals, and help young people reach theirs. This is why we gathered to create this project, and we’re calling you to join and start changing youth work visions with us!

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