In the era of social media, attention of your audience went down to only few seconds, demanding from you to be creative and up to the point when addressing them, but also to know the tone, style, voice, etc. your audience would like to hear. Therefore, you need to develop your style of communication which includes all of that. It will serve your team as a rulebook with basic guidelines everyone should follow when addressing to target audience of your organization, and help you avoid misunderstanding and confusion in communication. Here are the key elements your Social media Style-guide need to include:

  1. Value Statement
    Mission & Vision statements of organization and project elevator pitch, key value propositions, and reasons why are you on social media.
  2. Audience Summary
    Briefly describe and name all your target group segments on the social media.
  3. Branding
    List requirements for brand elements appearance.
  4. Social Media Brand Voice
    Describe what your social brand voice should sound like (casual, serious, professional, irreverent, etc.).
  5. Tone
    Describe your social tone (helpful, funny, authoritative, etc.)
  6. Message Types (By Network)
    Not all content needs to go on every network. Create some guidelines on which types of messaging are appropriate on which of your social networks.

More information on how to craft your Social media Style-guide you can find on the following link