These tips are summary of CoSchedule blog post How To Write For Social Media To Create The Best Posts

  1. Understand Active vs. Passive Voice
    Active voice clearly identifies the action and who is performing that action
  2. Put Your Audience First
    Write in a way that puts your audience at the center of the story instead of you.
  3. Branding
    List requirements for brand elements appearance.
  4. Write Posts People Want To Share
    • Things their audience will find valuable
    • To express and define themselves
    • To make themselves feel valued
    • To express beliefs or support causes
  5. Make a Clear “Message-Match” between Your Posts And Destination Pages
    • Double-check that links are accurate
    • Only link to substantive pages with good information
    • Use URL shortener for tracking (, etc.)
  6. Be Clear And Concise
    Avoid “Here is our latest blog post about a very awesome topic you’ll enjoy.”Use instead “Here’s our latest blog post about blogging.”
  7. Make Sure Your Copy Matches Your Visual Content
  8. Invoke Curiosity
  9. Avoid Pushy, Overly Sales-Driven Messaging

As we mentioned earlier, different type of content should be applied to different social media networks. Here are tips that refers only to certain social networks:

Facebook writing tips

    • Keep Posts Short
    • Data shows short posts perform best.
    • Write Shareable Article Headlines
    • Think short, punchy, and conversational.
    • Avoid Promotional Calls-To-Action
    • Facebook’s algorithm detects overly promotional language like, “Sign up here!”

Twitter writing tips

    • Write tweets that don’t just reshare headlines
    • Incorporate #hashtags directly in tweet but go easy on them
    • Be Mindful Of Your Character Limit
    • Tag other relevant accounts within tweet
    • Incorporate 🎆 Emojis 🚀 <3

LinkedIn writing tips

    • Be Clear
      Avoid using professional language if it won’t be understood by your audience.
    • Be Concise
      Get to the point. Don’t ramble. Busy professionals don’t have time to waste.
    • Stay Professional
      LinkedIn is a professional network so stick to a professional tone.

Instagram writing tips

    • Align your Image Copy and Post Copy
      Hook people’s attention connecting image with your post text
    • Don’t Forget Hashtags
      Instagram likes hashtags, use them liberally at the end of your posts