Practicing Mission Model Canvas – Facebook

We will start with a task of arranging small pictures on the Canvas model. Each picture has its own place, and it’s up to you to find it. Do the following:

  1. Print Mission model canvas and attach it to the wall http://bit.ly/2ql0m5B

Picture No. 5. Steps for creation of mission and vision statements

  1. Write down to post-it adhesive papers following terms (each term on one post-it) and attach them to Canvas to appropriate sector:
    • Internet
    • Connect and share
    • Businesses
    • Salaries
    • Platform
    • Auto e-mail
    • Consumers
    • Protect & Develop
    • Placement fees
    • Attract customers

After finishing, check back here if you did it proper job, by exposing the following image:

Business model canvas solution

by Business Model You® Certified Practitioner Course led by Dr. Timothy Clark