Creating Canvas

You’re now ready to start your organizations Canvas. You’re going to come back to this task many times during our course, so keep everything you’ve done in some place in the room. In order to practice on mission model canvas, follow the next steps:

  1. Print Mission model canvas to the A0 format and attach it to the wall  http://bit.ly/2ql0m5B
  2. Have 3 different colors of stickers (green, blue and yellow);
  3. Try to fill in the Canvas by answering questions, writing them on the stickers and putting them on the Canvas;
  4. Keep in mind the following rules:
    1. write on post-it not direct on Canvas;
    2. write one concept per note, no bullet points (you will move or remove some later);
    3. use large Canvas (A3 or more);
    4. use bold, black marking pens to write BIG;
    5. keep it simple;
    6. use color to create meaningful patterns, not decorate;
    7. work on walls rather on tables when it is possible;
    8. feel free to start in block where you prefer (usually we start with segments or with value);
    9. use precise language. For example, key activities should have verbs.
    10. avoid mixing present, past and future;
    11. distinguish between facts and hypotheses;
    12. create the story rather than “filling in the blanks”;
    13. present one note at a time, while telling the story – not with all the notes at once.
  5. By clicking on each bullet, it will bring you to the detailed explanation of each field, presented further in the toolkit. Questions are separated by the fields and are the following:
    1. Beneficiaries – To whom are you going to deliver your value?
    2. Value proposition – What are the key values that your target group wants?
    3. Relationships – In which way you are going to create and maintain relationship with your target group segments?
    4. Channels – Through which channels you are you going to deliver your value to the each segment of your target group?
    5. Mission achievements – What does your organization and stakeholders get from this? A certain problem solved or improved, for example.
    6. Key activities – What are the key activities you need to have done in order to create value?
    7. Key resources – What are the key resources you need to have for creating and delivering value?
    8. Key partners – For what activities you need partners / you need to outsource in order to create value?
    9. Mission budget – What budget do you need for all of this?