This task will help you understand how you can create a basis of your storytelling, upon which you will be skilled to create one of your own.

Write three (short) stories based on inputs bellow which aim to impact young people from your target group (audience) to attend your event. Feel free to make up any missing information you thing are useful or attractive to boost your story.


  1. 18 to 26 years old
  2. Graduate from high school, not interested in going to university
  3. Graduate from high school,doesn’t know whether to go to university or not
  4. Drop-outs from university
  5. Lower levels education finished, vocational education finished
  6. Unfinished middle or high school
    1. Young people on a life threshold, deciding whether to go on with education or start looking for a job
    2. Young people looking for a first job or trying to find a better job

Content inputs:

Your organization is an NGO working with young people trying to help them define their professional path. You are organizing a two days event free of charge where young people will be able to attend different workshops aiming to:

  1. Define their personal interests, strong points, skills, and their competitive edge: goal to make clear what they want to do in their life or with their life.
  2. Educate young people how to write their CV correctly, how to apply for a job, etc.

Event will take place in William Shakespeare library from Saturday, 23. to 24. of September 2017. On Saturday, 23.9.2017 there is big concert, Shakira is playing live. Concert has nothing to do with your organization, but you are afraid that on Sunday you will not have enough audience.

You have many successful cases when young people who were struggling with their future path or finding a proper job, found their way.

Mike is 22 years old mechanic, who after 4 years working in local mechanic shop with your help applied for a scholarship and is now studying to become a mechanical engineer.

Sanja is 18 years old high school graduate. You’ve just received her testimony: »Dear XX, you will never know how much you helped me. Now I am helping in a kindergarten and working with children makes me so happy. Headmaster said that I will receive all further education I need, so in the future I will become a teacher. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.