Gain your visual vocabulary

Gain your visual vocabulary by drawing SIMPLE symbols, alphabetically. It can be anything. Then draw 10 things one can find in the kitchen. And 10 things from bathroom. And school, and office, and a supermarket …

Then watch a TED talk of your choice and try to capture important parts by using less words and more symbols.

In short: get inspiration, practice and SHOW YOUR WORK!

Good inspiration books:
    • Bikablo (Neuland)
    • Sketchnote handbooks (Mike Rhode)
    • Graphic facilitation guide (Brandy Agerbeck)
    • Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation (Idris Mootee)
    • The back of the Napkin, Unfolding the napkin (Dan Roam)
Useful gadgets and programs
    • Smartpens
    • Graphic tablets
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator