An organization’s values are its basic beliefs about what really matters, which guide team how things should be done. It’s a set of values upon which you build your organization.

When members of the organization subscribe to a common set of values, the organization appears united when it deals with various issues.

Values can also be incorporated into your mission statement or be separately presented as core values of your organization.

How to set values with your team?

Here are some steps which can help you guide your team through the process:

  1. Each person should write 10 or more organizational values and that do the prioritization of those values by separating them into 3 groups:
    1. High importance;
    2. Medium importance;
    3. Low importance;
  2. Everyone need to take a look at the pool of highly important values and range them with marks from 1 to 10, meaning 10 is the most important value and 1 is the least important in this group;
  3. Form the list, each team member needs to choose their top 5 values;
  4. List all of those top 5 values of every person on paperboard and you will be able to see which one are the most important values;
  5. Let everyone choose one value and write a short paragraph in which they will describe why this value is important. They are free to choose the same value if they want;
  6. After that, everyone needs to read that paragraph to the group so all of them can see what they are thinking about certain values;
  7. Bring people into pairs and assign one value to the pair. That pair needs to come with one statement which summarizes everything which group said about some value, and then present that to the group;
  8. Discuss in the plenary setting each statement and brush it;
  9. Make use of your values by letting know everyone about it through various channels.