With huge numbers of young people who have 1000+ followers, friends and watchers on their online profiles, there is a massive audience and outreach for making changes both in the virtual and real worlds. Each and every one of them is a medium, and each has an audience.

With the revolution of the smart phones, everybody’s chance to become even larger, faster and better media has increased immensely. Young people today are digital natives, who grew up with the internet technologies, whose language is fast and short and for whom the emojis, stickers and hash-tagging is the way of communication.

Picture No. 9. Digital tools for editing content

There are different roles that they can take: influencers, cyber-leaders, trend-setters, opinion-makers, followers, arm-chair activists, rehashes, etc. But whichever role they take, they can be a part of a cause and be change makers. Digital age hugely expanded space for activism and creativity, and young people as media are the forerunners of this new world order. There are so many different free online tools that can make their activism creative, easy and with an amazing outreach which spans the countries, borders and languages. And we already know that visuals speaks all languages.