You have your KPI’s and you have your growth goals but what does success look like and how are you going to share that information with your team?

That all comes with measuring your metrics and creating reports. By measuring your metrics you’re able to keep track of the important data to make sure that your goals are on track.

You know the why, now comes the how. How can you keep track or even find the information you need.

First, you need to establish how often you’re going to record your measurements. Will you track them weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually? Or maybe a combination of all of them?

Second, you’re going to want to find the right tools for your team to track your metrics. There are tools within the social channels that you can use to track some of your metrics internally. We’ve been working with those internal tools throughout this manual.

There are also advanced tools for measuring analytics of each social media channel, and in-app tools (like Co-Schedule, HootSuite) that help you with strategy, execution, and analytics all in one place.

There’s also tools like Google Analytics, which we’ve already been using that will help you measure external analytics that you can’t get from the internal social media tools.